Data serialization

I recently needed a reliable way to pass binary information between two processes through an IPC mechanism. One of the programs (P1) consumes data from a DB2 database which is kinda complex to work with when the code is written in C, so, I ended up looking for a way to remove this (unnecessary) complexity by writing a Perl (P2) script much more user friendly when comes to working with database connections.

The query was as simple as

which means that a simple C structure would be enough to map the entire selected fields

P1 works as a TCP/IP server listening at port 7007. P2 connects to that endpoint, executes the query and packs the resulting row as a binary data packet to finally send it through the opened socket. P1 deserializes the bytes received to build the structure rem_data.

P1 is possibly long but self-explanatory :).

Compile it with

P2 is more than simple. In case you don’t know the pack() function, here is very well explained.

And then, we just run it.

And P1’s output should be

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