Dinstar SMS API update #2

A few updates has been committed to the main github repository a few weeks ago:

– Support for USSD messages

– Several bug fixes

– Windows support is now available upon request via email.

– Updated sample applications.

I can count more than a dozen of people reporting that they have been using the library successfully.

If you are planning to use it, please don’t forget to report bugs or to give general feedback :).


7 thoughts on “Dinstar SMS API update #2

    • You can modify the client application to accept multiple parameters, aka, the phone numbers.

      It’s a rather simple setup and you shouldn’t have any problem.

    • The restart script is just an ugly perl script that issues the reboot command. I need to polish it before releasing it to the public ;).

      The RSSI is actually received by the API, but ignored. What purpose do you use it for? I generally have my equipment with very good reception.

  1. Hello Carlos,
    First of all, thank you for this server.
    I’m using it with this daemon (https://github.com/nchizhov/DINSTAR-DWG-D), and sms receiving is working good, but sending is not totally ok.
    What i mean is that i can send 1 sms successfully, but after that no messages are delivered until i restart the daemon or the Dinstar.
    By the way i have Dinstar DWG2000E-4g , package version : 02230802 2013-10-31 11:05:34 official .

    Hope you can help me here 🙂
    Thanks in advance

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