Kindle Touch at home

Last week I went to the courier to pick up my recently arrived package from Amazon. I bought the 99 Dollars Kindle Touch which I hope will help me to actually do the research I need to start my thesis and finally get my Computer Science major.

I was expecting something a little more handy but it is fine in almost all aspects. The thing that bothered me the most was the PDF to AZW conversion because like the majority of the people, I have my e-books in PDF format and Kindle’s native support for PDF files is really poor reaching the unusable/unreadable boundary.

With this situation in front of me I started googling with the wrong query, “pdf to kindle format”. The results pointed to a PDF reformatting software which I incorrectly thought would work.

Finally, there was a really simple solution provided by Amazon itself!. I just needed to send by email my PDF copy of the book to <my-amazon-username> with the subject “convert”. After a short period of time they email you back with the AZW file automatically available in your book catalog accessible with your Kindle.

Despite this service is really useful, Amazon seems to keep it in the fog. It wasn’t easy to find but the results were satisfactory.