PJSIP and Huawei modems to build opensource gateway

I am amazed with the power of pjsip for building low footprint apps in really short periods of time. Although it is not easy to do it, there are a bunch of ready-to-use examples to try out which makes relatively easy to have working user-agents fast. My last personal project was the answering machine and now I’m wanting to expand the idea in something more useful and to turn the project into an opensource GSM gateway independent to any SIP server or B2BUA like Asterisk.

I already started studying the docs and I have to say that pjsip is really powerful and has nothing to envy to other SIP related projects like SIP-ROUTER even if they target different kind of users.

My goal in summary goes as follows:

  1. Write a SIP user agent using PJSIP.
  2. Write a gateway for translating SIP to AT commands, and backwards.
  3. Write a media subsystem to make interaction between the modem and PJMEDIA.
  4. Release the code to the community.

It’s an ambitious project but the willingness is present and time could be the only inconvenient since my blog and personal projects are completely maintained outside office hours. I talked about this to my boss who is very open and gave me his support so hopefully I’ll be showing some advances here soon enough.