Three months at ng-voice

ng-voiceFor those who follow me and didn’t notice my new job, it has been 3 months already. Three great months :). I switched from a regular commuted job at Conexion, to a full-time telecommuting job for a company located in Hamburg, Germany, which is 6 hours away from my timezone.

Timezone was never a problem. When I am about to start here, they are about to have lunch. It sounds rough but it is not when a perfectly built schedule and task list is given to you, and when you work with very talented and disciplined professionals.

And speaking about talented people, well, I work with the best in the industry. No exaggeration.

My work is very diverse and exciting and although it’s been only 3 months, I already worked with:

  1. Mobicents: I wrote an Online Charging Server based on Mobicents OCS following the Diameter Credit Control Application specs.
  2. Kamailio IMS modules: I bug fixed and extended the ims_charging module.
  3. CSipsimple: I created a custom version of the famous Android SIP phone which can be found here.

Three different VoIP related technologies in three months, and it’s getting better every day :).