An update after almost 2 years without posting

I can’t believe it’s been almost two years since my last post, time flies.

I’m gonna make this short and concise:

  1. I started my own company, I am now a startup CEO and cofounder 🙂 .
  2. A previous post is the project that started it all. It has mutated quite a bit and turned into Toky, a product that was built from scratch and that I am proud of, specially in the technical POV.
  3.  I don’t blog anymore, as a matter of fact, I spend my days coding and coding with not much time to write about anything other than Toky. You can find my recent posts in the Toky Blog.
  4.  I no longer maintain my opensource projects. I’m really sorry about this but I don’t have the time to do it anymore.
  5. I don’t reply emails about questions on these projects. I used to reply them with apologies for not being able to help them, but the number of emails kept increasing that they became a burden so I simply stopped replying. Again, I’m sorry about this, it’s not personal.
  6. I may go back to blogging soon.