Dinstar SMS API update

I’ve been working very hard in the past few months that updating my blog was relegated to the least of my priorities. It’s a pity, but I had no choice :(.

Back on the track, I came here to present an update of the Dinstar’s SMS API implementation which I started writing some time ago. I paused the project several times mostly because I had no economic reason to support my time on it , but luckily, the situation changed and today the great majority of the API is implemented and working.

I don’t maintain a changelog other than the one on github commit list, but basically, this is what changed:

– Support for API 1.4 and 2.0
– Support for authentication mechanism. (This is partial, check source code)
– Support for RSSI packages
– Support for Unicode strings
– The project is no longer a standalone application, now is a shared library.
– Several bug fixes

The C# bindings are also ready. I will publish the code probably next week.

Check the repo on github